Tara Smalstig

Special guest

Tara grew up in a small town in Tennessee. Her connection to Indiana was through her father’s employers, Ball Corporation and later Alltrista Corporation. When Tara was a freshman in college, her father was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Alltrista Corporation, and her parents moved from Tennessee to Yorktown, Indiana.

Growing up, she played tennis and soccer, and grew up loving both high school and Tennessee football. But in high school, she spent the most time working on Mock Trial, where she developed a passion and love of the law.

During college at the University of Tennessee, her interests expanded to include government and legislation… She clerked for the Tennessee House Environment and Conservation Committee for a semester, Governor Sundquist for a summer and the Department of Environment and Conservation for a summer. Spending so much time in Nashville, it was a natural transition from college to law school at Vanderbilt University.

However, one fateful Saturday in November, 1998, she met her husband at a charity event in Muncie, Indiana… and the rest is history!

While completing law school at Indiana University School of Law in Indianapolis, she and her husband, Scott, had two children, Madison and Gehrig. Their third child, Athena, would come along many years later. Tara and her family love traveling, sports and just spending time with one another, which gets tougher and tougher as the children get older and busier.

Tara began clerking with the firm during law school and working full time after graduation. This Spring, Tara celebrates 18 years with the firm where she primarily practices family law (divorce, adoption, DCS matters, post dissolution and related cases), but she also assists clients with trust and estate planning and administration and civil litigation needs.

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