Susan Carlock

Special guest

Susan Carlock serves as vice president of business development & corporate relations for Yorktown-based Mursix Corporation, a leading supplier of precision components to the automotive, alternative energy, medical, appliance, and security markets. Susan is responsible for developing new business opportunities and partner relationships in both domestic and international markets, for which she frequently visits various EU countries to meet with corporate and governmental officials.

With more than twenty years of business experience in the fields of human resources, corporate relations, safety/risk management, healthcare & wellness policy development, and business development, Susan has served in a variety of positions with Mursix Corporation and other business entities in Indiana. Upon joining Mursix in 2013, she was responsible for the design and implementation of the company’s Defined Contribution Benefits Program, which has been successful in providing Mursix employees with expanded healthcare benefit choices and in helping to control the company’s escalating healthcare costs. She represents the company on various workforce development and training groups at the community and state level.

Prior to joining Mursix, Susan served in a variety of positions in the healthcare industry. She has entrepreneurial experience by way of assisting in the start-up of a hospital staffing company. She is a graduate of Marian University, from which she holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She is also a registered nurse, a member of Women in Manufacturing and Women for Executive Leadership, and is active in a variety of civic and economic development activities in both Hamilton and Delaware counties.

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