Lauralee Hites

Special guest

Lauralee Hites is the founder of Stratavize Consulting, a successful speaker, graphic facilitator, and organization consultant. Using visual thinking Stratavize helps leaders and teams reach their highest potential. Lauralee spent nearly 20 years in Fortune 500 corporations such as Wells Fargo, Accenture, and Microsoft. With this experience she has created Landmark Leaders® a roadmap to developing and retaining landmark leaders in your organization and Top Teams® Model a leader’s guide to creating and sustaining top performing teams. Top Teams® Model provides a methodology for collaborating across functions, departments, and organizations.

Lauralee can help your organization advance communication, crack the code to tough problems, gain agreement on key decisions, reduce inter-team conflict, and align around priorities and purpose. Lauralee has combined her experience in facilitation, training, and strategy planning with her passion for technology, visual thinking, and innovative solutions to create unique, fun and effective workshops and retreats. As a consultant and speaker, she has worked with senior executives in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to community banks to universities to nonprofits. Lauralee believes in making an impact in her local community too. She has served on several area nonprofit boards over the years. When Lauralee is not speaking, facilitating a workshop or working with senior leaders she is kayaking the river rapids with her dog, Bear.

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