Debbie Acree

Special guest

I (Debbie) started my soap making business in 2000. I was inspired to try my hand at Soap Making while at a mom's retreat one weekend. One of the speakers mentioned Soap Making and it was like it just reached out and grabbed me, I don't remember anything else that was said the whole weekend! My daughter was the heart reason for wanting to try making soap. She had terrible Eczema on her hands and we had tried everything to heal it. I can say it was the right move. After reading every book I could find and lots of trial and error I finally had it! A bar of soap that lathered wonderfully and had a high amount of the oil I hoped would make the difference in her skin, Olive Oil, 50%. It did! She has not had an issue in 17 years!!
What started in my kitchen as a mission to help her, bloomed into a full time business that went from kitchen to basement to garage turned workshop at my home until this year. In September of 2016 we opened the doors on our storefront/soap factory in downtown Muncie, Indiana.

Debbie Acree has been a guest on 2 episodes.