Ashley Runkle

Special guest

I'm Ashley, stay at home mom to two little girls, a wife, and an entrepreneur. After studying art at BSU I worked locally in the technology field for almost ten years before coming home full-time in June of 2016. In July of 2016, I had an idea for a product & company and began the balancing act of raising tiny humans & starting my small business, which would later be known as Kiddo Keepsakes.

Kiddo Keepsakes is a children's activity set that comes with preprinted greeting cards all watercolor painted by me. The cards get completed by adding your kid's handprint, footprint, or fingerprints to personalize the cards before sending, and our kits includes everything needed, from paint, brushes, googly eyes, envelopes, etc. In short, Kiddo Keepsakes is a greeting card, an activity, and a keepsake; that reulsts in a memory for the child, the parent, and the end recipient

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