Amanda Reninger

Special guest

Amanda Reninger has always been a well-rounded individual. From sports in high school, music in college, running a pottery studio, leading worship at a church, to owning a vegan bakery, Amanda has always enjoyed learning about a lot of different topics. After getting married & moving to Muncie in 2008, she attended Ball State University for a Master’s of Music & Artist’s Diploma in Vocal Performance and graduated in 2013. For a year, Amanda did the hard work of traveling for auditions, heading to Europe for singing opportunities, learning how to sell herself as a business rather than just a performer. In the end, the time away from home was not paying the bills and Amanda decided to move in a new direction. In 2014 Sea Salt & Cinnamon was born & then the real work began. In the last four years, Amanda has learned how to run and grow a business from the ground up. Her creativity permeates all of Sea Salt & Cinnamon through marketing, beautiful cakes, painted cookies & problem solving. Her 10 years of retail, 8 years of baking, 4 years of management and leadership, and 8 years of food service experience make her a well-rounded & intelligent business owner. Her performing experience through music has been a perfect fit for speaking publicly about Sea Salt & Cinnamon. She is in groups like WIBU, ECISMG, Muncie Young Professionals, Tri Kappa and more. She has been recognized for her outstanding commitment to Muncie & great food through awards like Muncie’s 20 Under 40 in 2017, The Big Pitch in 2017, and being listed with many top vegan food companies throughout the country. She loves growing her business & is always looking for the next step towards becoming a household name.

Amanda Reninger has been a guest on 3 episodes.